GEM offers Hypnosis and GEM specializes in accelerating results via an innovative technique of releasing subconscious blockages and Hypnosis.

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GEM offers Hypnosis with Hypnotherapy and GEM specializes in an innovative way of releasing subconscious blockages in a gentle and loving way with muscle testing.

These could be childhood related, work related, financial blocks, fears or anxieties. Releasing emotional trauma and blocks can open you up to being able to move beyond and live a life of peace, harmony and clarity.

Just a short list below of just some of the symptoms that my clients both adults and children have had success with.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger, Eye Problems, Fear of Loss, Hyperactivity, Headaches, Heart Wall, Lack of Belief, Money Blocks, Nail Biting, Pain, Prostate, Stomach Issues, Worthiness. For the full list of symptoms click here:

Do you relate to any of the symptoms???  If you do you might have emotional trauma that could be controlling your life and the outcome that you have in life.

Did you know that animals also suffer from trauma? I have also had successful with animals in regards to Aggression, Anxiety, Hoof Imbalance, Trauma and Knee problems.

GEM facilitates personal development, stress management, one on one coaching, body tune up. Yes just like a car tune up our body also needs a tune up on a regular basis.

One on one coaching consultations are available if you want to learn about the basics of how to cleanse your body, how to use the pendulum, how to keep your Chakras open, how to anchor and ground your body, goals setting and much much more.

In recent years I have been asked to work on releasing emotional blocs from properties before and after clients are looking to sell and even before they move into their new property. This makes a huge difference in how you feel in your new home. This helps with any energetic residue from the last tenant.

A range of modalities that can be used during your session are listed below.

The Emotion Code

Releasing Emotional Stress from adults, children and animals.



Reiki Healing

Seichim Healing

Timeline Therapy

Grounding and Protection

no matter where you are

Self Development

With a range of products

Cleansing, Anchoring and Protection

Oils, Incense, Soap and Crystals

Call me for your Complimentary 15 minute free phone consultation and have a chat as to what your needs are and book a session or guidance for how to move forward in the different areas of you life or speak to me about the blockages that you are concerned about.

Please know that all consultations are private and confidential and are tailored to your individual needs.

To make a booking or to inquire about any of the above, please go to Lets Communicate

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